I write book reviews, I also write books, and occasionally I write about myself!


Having, perhaps, experienced a lot in her 27 years RLA has always been a voracious reader, often choosing to barricade herself in her bedroom with a pile of books as a young child. She’s not picky about what she reads; her bookshelf proudly holds many classics, art reference books, modern fiction, tons of romance novels, biographies and graphic novels.

After spending five very long years working in the Insurance industry, she was finally able to escape with the help of her wonderfully supportive husband, whom she met the first week on the job. Yes, he was her boss!

From secret hobby to all consuming love, romance books have provided her with a passion for writing. Having also spent the majority of her young adulthood in further education most of her writing has been in the form of essays, after essays after more essays. But regardless of genre, RLA has always loved writing.

She describes herself as a staunch believer that knowledge is power, a self confessed liberal, lover of cooking, sewing, and shopping. Her husband would describe her as a demonic punctualist and apathetic at best towards housework, yet she is his very own domestic goddess.
RLA’s hopes include having the time to do what she loves forever, dreams of seeing as much of the world as possible, and one day having a family of her very own.

This blog is her place to express herself.

10 facts about RLA:

• She is a vegetarian of over 15 years, and knows she will remain so until the very end. Despite her mother thinking it is the longest running practical joke in history.

• She is teetotal.

• She eschewed tradition for her wedding. She and her husband eloped to New York City with two strangers as their witnesses and no one else. Oh and she also wore a RED dress!

• She is a massive music fan, alternative music is her favourite. Every year (that it’s on) she drags her husband and wellies down to Somerset for Glastonbury Festival.

• Sadly she lost her beloved older brother in 2003 after his long fight with cancer.

• Her three favourite places in the world are; New York City, London, and Paris.

• Considers herself the ‘man of the house’. She does all the DIY and decorating, whereas her husband is a much better cleaner than her!

• Has phobias of spiders and mushrooms (don’t ask!).

• Her shoe collection is too big for her closet – some have started to migrate over to her husband’s.

• Hates being late!